InWEnt regional seminar: “Energy for Rural Areas – new chances and challenges”, 17–21 May, 2010, Seminar Centre St. Josef, Wildbad 1, Neumarkt-Bavaria, Germany


The seminar “Energy for Rural Areas – new chances and challenges” is part of the ongoing InWEnt capacity building sequence on “EU-integration of Rural Economic Areas” aiming to strengthen local and regional specialists, executives and decision-makers in their capacities and skills to manage and coordinate sustainable development activities through mobilizing regional potentials and resources. This particular regional Seminar is designed for participants from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, UNMIK Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia and will address the different dimensions of supply and consumption of energy in rural areas such as: Political-institutional dimension; Technical-economic dimension (visitation of practical examples and discussion of future perspectives); Ecological dimension; Social dimension and Follow up . . .

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