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Under the guidance of the skilled chef twenty four participants delved into the culinary...

This workshop helped participants to learn more on safety standards, rural offer, and presentation of food in rural facilities. Throughout the 2-days workshop, participants enjoyed and shared their experiences, contacts, and storytelling in rural tourism. This workshop was a wonderful possibility for regional future cooperation.

Community driven initiative in North Macedonia that promotes inclusion and awareness for individuals with...

Themed workshops were arranged, featuring artwork creation and sales presentations, alongside cooking sessions aimed at imparting life skills and fostering independence among individuals with disabilities.

Unveiling the Potential of Manifestation Events for Sustainable Development of Rural Areas

Main topics of our gathering in the Mountain Zlatibor in Serbia focused on economic benefits and contribution of the manifestation events to tourism and cultural development of the community, valorization of local communities, volunteerism and local community activism, and media promotion (campaign, target groups, public relations).

Empowering Tourism in the area of Prizren: Online Sales Channels Workshop

In two days workshop on Using Digital Sales Channels/Booking, Airbnb, TripAdvisor, participants were able to learn theoretical: about the importance of online booking engines in the modern travel market, Getting to know the functionalities of Booking, Airbnb and TripAdvisor Good examples of practices from the global market, content creation, providing value-added service. Through practical work creating or improving profiles on Booking, Airbnb and Trip Advisor together with a mentor participants where actively engaged by sharing ideas and questions.

Navigating On line Sales Channels Workshops for Tourism Service Providers from Serbia and B&H

The two-day workshop wqs focused on the rural tourism service providers (rural households, degustation centers, eco-villages, rural households, and other providers in rural tourist facilities or for those who intend to be engage in rural tourism) with the aim to build capacity and to improve business in rural area.

Workshop: Customer relations organized in Ohrid

The main goal of the training was to present the modern market approach and how to build up a brand in the market in order improve their business performances. Participants gained knowledge about the importance of added value of services and the importance of building good relations with each consumer, following their requirements and modern market trends.