Capacity Building

Training Tourism Value Chain, 5-6 June, 2021, Zlatibor Mountain, Serbia

Main goal of the Training Tourism Value Chain is development of value chains in tourism, an instrument for strengthening the competitiveness of regional tourism tours and positioning in the international tourism market.

Training SEO & Website Content Creation, 30 May – 01 June, 2021, Krusevo, North...

Training SEO & Website Content Creation for tourism service providers from the Western Balkan countries/territories. Main goals of the training: To learn how to...

Training Social Media Content Creation, 25-26 May, 2021, Krushevo, North Macedonia

First training out of eight in total for tourism service providers from the Western Balkan countries/territories was organized in Krushevo, North Macedonia.

Organized School of Agritourism for service providers from Bosnia and Herzegovina

Association for Economic Development REDAH during April organized a school for agritourism/rural tourism supported by SWG in cooperation with GIZ  through the project “Strengthening capacities for supporting rural development in Southeast Europe”. Four workshops/training was organized in 4 different locations in Trebinje, Ravno, Capljina, and Citluk, Bosnia and Herzegovina where participants had the opportunity to visit examples of good practice in rural tourism during the workshops.

Workshop: Developing the sector of medicinal and aromatic plants and implementation of local action...

The two-day event gathered young people from rural areas, students, representative of business sector and NGO’s  from Albania and was organized in accordance with the COVID-19 measures with organization of different session in small groups of participants.

Online Workshop on Agricultural Research and Knowledge Transfer in WB countries, 23-24 November, 2020

The first Workshop on Agricultural Research and Knowledge Transfer in Western Balkan countries was organized by DG AGRI of the European Commission and SWG. It gathered representatives from research and education institutions, advisory and extension services, private and public sector from the Western Balkans and beyond.