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Grant Scheme Investments

The ABD Grant schemes are designed to support small projects in the Western Balkan cross-border regions related to income generation by improvement of production process, technology and quality of products and services in various value chains (tourism, agriculture, etc.). It supports partnerships of a cross-border character but also individual projects/businesses who have potential of expanding and engaging into cross-border partnership in the near future. The focus is on a sustainable business projects and partnerships who are in line with the local development strategies and considering important economic initiatives.

Trout fish from village Ljubis

Grant supported reconstruction of the processing facility (procurement and installment of front and interior doors) and procurement and installment of equipment for fish processing. The trout fish is now processed and sold directly to tourist which will create added value for this household but also enriched tourist offer of this part of Zlatibor.

Created conditions for registration of organic grains processing and branding

The building of 30m2 in size for processing of grains is adapted within the grant project to meet the standards for processing in accordance with the Montenegrin legislation. Registration of processing enable the production process to be finished at the very farm, which reduces costs of processing and created conditions of presenting product to a larger number of customers, especially outside Pljevlja, with the plan to increase production by 50% over the next 3 years.

The tastes of the mountain traditional fruit and vegetable processing within the agricultural farm

With the support of grant investment, equipment for processing of fruits (fruit blending machine and dryer for fruit and medicinal herbs) was bought. Also, promotion of this agriculture household was supported with procurement of stand for presentation of products at fairs and events and development of on-line store.

Improved mountain tourism capacities of the members of Tourist Cluster Andrijevica

Tourist Cluster Andijevica is established in 2015 with the mission to support development of tourism in the Municipality and in Montenegro. It aims to develop rural and mountain tourism, to support rural development, environmental protection, poverty reduction, development of tourist infrastructure, support to activities that affect the development of wood processing, project cycle management, energy efficiency, education, information technology.

Reconstructed kitchen to accommodate new guests in Villa Albedo

Trough project “Diversification of economic activities in rural areas of Southeast Europe: value chain investment support and capacity building” implemented by SWG in partnership with GIZ, owner Milojka Kovacevic invest in equipping of kitchen for the guests. Procurement includes kitchen elements and appliances (oven, hob, refrigerator and aspirator), dining table, wardrobe closet and air-condition unit. This will improve offer and increase food safety in the household.

New Degustation Centre in the village Gorjani

Within grant investment Dumbelovic household improved on farm sale of traditional products through construction of degustation facility. Since that they cooperate with twenty nearby households from whom they buy dairy products, meet, dry meet, souvenirs etc their offer is enriched with new rural tourism service.