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Grant Scheme Investments

The ABD Grant schemes are designed to support small projects in the Western Balkan cross-border regions related to income generation by improvement of production process, technology and quality of products and services in various value chains (tourism, agriculture, etc.). It supports partnerships of a cross-border character but also individual projects/businesses who have potential of expanding and engaging into cross-border partnership in the near future. The focus is on a sustainable business projects and partnerships who are in line with the local development strategies and considering important economic initiatives.

Jadovnik Off-Road Adventure

Tourist Agency “Travel point” work on development of receptive tourism programs with a special focus on rural tourism and an active vacation in discovering all the charms and beauties of the Municipality of Prijepolje, Serbia and the region.

Modern City that Keeps its Tradition – City of Loznica, Serbia

In 2020, Tourism Organization of the City of Loznica installed tourist signalization for better visibility of touristic sights in the city which was supported within the Project: “Diversification of economic activities in rural areas of Southeast Europe: value chain investment support and capacity building” implemented by SWG RRD in partnership with GIZ.

Improving conditions for cheese production and rural tourism of Pesic family

Within the SEDRA grant investment Pesic family from Montenegro established central heating system for cheese plant and degustation center as well as installing isolation to ensure energy efficiency and façade which will contribute to attractiveness of the center as well.

Etno restaurant “Utarna” promotes traditional Macedonian cuisine

With the realization of the project, the restaurant Utarna will significantly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of operation in the kitchen, allowing the preparation of larger quantities of food for an increased number of guests.

Reconstructed summer terrace in Belojshki Biser restaurant

With the support of grant investment, the restaurant facility “Belojshki Biser” constructed a summer terrace with installation of horizontal sliding glass doors/windows and motorized vertical glass system as well as procurement and installation of fireplace/stove heating system with radiators for the restaurant premises.

Through the SEDRA project grant scheme supported 35 beneficiaries from the WB

Did you know that almost half of the population of Southeast Europe lives in rural areas? The majority of them is financially dependent on agriculture and forestry, where percentage of people employed in agriculture in the region is approximately 20% (from 8% in Montenegro to 41.4% in Albania).