Grant Scheme Investments

The ABD Grant schemes are designed to support small projects in the Western Balkan cross-border regions related to income generation by improvement of production process, technology and quality of products and services in various value chains (tourism, agriculture, etc.). It supports partnerships of a cross-border character but also individual projects/businesses who have potential of expanding and engaging into cross-border partnership in the near future. The focus is on a sustainable business projects and partnerships who are in line with the local development strategies and considering important economic initiatives.

Restaurant Riverside with Introduction of heating system improved all year around business

The introduction of heating system in the restaurant and the adaptation created the conditions for the improvement of the service, and from the seasonal work restaurant is open all year round, after new investment.

Integrated tourist product “Holiday on the Drina river“

The activity within the project aimed at the improvement of local tourist accommodation capacities by the construction of two unique eco-friendly facilities (two mobile log cabins). The project will give its contribution to the creation of the integrated tourist product in the Drina Tara area  „Holiday on the Drina river“ that will enable the extension of average staying period in the area.

Konak Misic -modern, yet traditional and authentic

Konak Misic is always focused on development of new touristic products. Their innovative approach are key to increasing number of the guests in this rural household. With investing in renovation of three bathrooms and procurement of children playground and hot tub, Konak Misic made step towards inclusive tourism offer and participatory cooperation with other sectors.

Upgrading the touristic offer within the development of mountain tourism in Prespa region

With the grant investment the touristic facility changed the heating system in the hotel from using wood as fuel, to installing inverter air conditioners for hotel rooms with high economy and energy efficiency as well as upgraded the touristic offer by purchasing of sports equipment kayaks and protective equipment for their use. The goal was to expand the offer, to attract more tourists as well as to increase their length of stay in the region.

Old Rogacica Cottage

With the support of grant investment, the old house is reconstructed and equipped with furniture. The investment is part of the Project: “Diversification of economic activities in rural areas of Southeast Europe through value chain development” implemented by SWG RRD in partnership with GIZ.

Less carbon footprint with instalment of new equipment from solar cells

With the support of SEDRA grant investment, equipment for generating electricity from solar cells was bought (solar panels, photovoltaic cells, boiler and water-to-air heat pump). This investment influenced on sustainability of the motel with reduced bills for electricity and reduce carbon footprint.