Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Grant Scheme Investments

The ABD Grant schemes are designed to support small projects in the Western Balkan cross-border regions related to income generation by improvement of production process, technology and quality of products and services in various value chains (tourism, agriculture, etc.). It supports partnerships of a cross-border character but also individual projects/businesses who have potential of expanding and engaging into cross-border partnership in the near future. The focus is on a sustainable business projects and partnerships who are in line with the local development strategies and considering important economic initiatives.

Improved the value chain in the contemporary production of local traditional products according to...

With the new grant investment, procurement of professional steam bakery oven for drying and baking bread, ready meals, meat, jam, marmalade, fruits and vegetables will ensure best plum jam drying process. This equipment is necessary for the process of making a traditional dry plum cake.

Explore Prokletije-Bjeshket e Nemuna

With the grant investment, Mountaineering club Radnicki reconstruct of the roof and reinforcement of the walls in a hut in traditional mountain style and architecture, including the use of natural materials, stone, and wood.

Replaced roof top on the Hotel Vucje

Replacing roof coverage in the restaurant within the grant scheme investment, Hotel Vucje will ensure preservation of natural and traditional way of construction in Montenegrin mountains. The energy efficient is also important segment, there will be saving in heating, as well proper collection of water into the already existing system.

Improving the quality of processing of local products and implementation of information system for...

The Garni Hotel Tara is located in the center of tourist resort in quiet part of the Mountain Tara, Serbia. The hotel has 18 accommodation units. All rooms are designed to meet high standards and to fulfil all needs that guest might have. Mijailovic family, owners of this facility aim at promotion of domestic products and authentic cuisine from the Mountain Tara.

“Bjeshkët e Namuna” Mountain Centre

With the grant investment the “Albanian Alps Alliance” Network purchased necessary equipment’s encompassing functionality of mountaineering expeditions and enable tourists to use special tourism packages of hiking, mountaineering, biking, and birdwatching, that will further develop and promote mountain tourism by young people.

Active holiday in the Mountains of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Within the grant investment Mountaineering club Volujak built two mountain bungalows which will improve accommodation capacities with additional 8 beds. The investment included as well marking of hiking trails in a total length of 7 km. Upgrade of facility and accommodation will attract more visitors to Mountain Volujak, as well will improve the safety of backpackers and mountaineers on this mountain.