EUREGIA, International Trade Fair and Congress on Local and Regional Development, October 2008, Leipzig,...

The SWG as a regional initiative and its activities were presented on Euregia 2008. The Euregia 2008 focused on changes to the EU structural policy and new financing schemes.

EastAgri Annual Meeting 2008, September, 2008, Paris, France

The SWG participated on the Annual EastAgri Meeting focus

EastAgri Annual Meeting 2008, September 2008, Paris, France

The SWG participated on the Annual EastAgri Meeting where the discussions were focused on: - Instruments for agricultural financing and risk management in the EastAgri region - Soaring food prices: a window of opportunities for Russia and Ukraine - Adding value to the EastAgri region's agricultural products: Good Agricultural Practices, Quality Labels and Geographical Indications - Participatory approaches to rural development in the Western Balkans On one of the working tables the SWG presented the Positions of the Western Balkans on the Common Agricultural Policy.

Meeting of Agricultural Committee Chairpersons of the National Parliaments of the EU Member States,...

The Slovenian Committee on Agriculture, Forestry and Food organized a Conference for the related parliamentary committees of the national parliaments of the EU Member States, the European Parliament, and the parliaments of the candidate countries

International Conference: „Enhancing Sustainable Local and Rural Development in the SAP Countries by Introducing...

Organized by International Centre for Democratic Transition (ICDT) and its partners, the Rural Workshop Foundation Hungary (RWF) and the Standing Regional Working Group for Rural Development in South and Eastern Europe (SWG) on 19-20 May 2008 in Budapest, Hungary

Meeting at the Romanian Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Development, February 2008

Meeting with the Romanian State Secretary of Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Development, focused on further active involvement of the Romanian Ministry of Agriculture in the SWG.