International Workshop on Strengthening the promotion of innovative start-ups and job opportunities in rural...

The objective of the event is to put together different stakeholders from Bosnia and Herzegovina and other EU and non-EU EUSAIR countries with the aim to support the EU integration process through the sustainable agriculture and green rural development with a particular focus on the promotion of innovative start -ups, job opportunities and youth entrepreneurship in rural areas.

Representatives from the SWG member Institutions participated at the Global Forum for Food and...

Global Forum for Food and Agriculture (GFFA) 2023 is held under the title “Food Systems Transformation: A Worldwide Response to Multiple Crises”. The aim of GFFA is on potential ways to establish crisis-proof and climate-friendly food systems, conserve biodiversity and improve cooperation in this field. SWG RRD was present at the Innovation Forum with opportunity to showcase its activities in the agricultural sector.

RCC Working Group Meeting on the Green Agenda, 7 July, 2022

Regional Cooperation Council (RCC) Regional Working Group on the Green Agenda is an intergovernmental platform for permanent policy dialogue on the environment and climate action. Mr. Boban Ilic, SWG Secretary General, at the Working Group on the Green Agenda meeting, presented SWG’s perspectives and accomplishment to date on the Actions from the GAWB Action Plan.

IAMO Forum 2022 organized in Halle (Saale), Germany

The special session at the IAMO Forum 2022 presented some of the analytical work carried out in the framework of the APD. The presented studies are elaborated in close cooperation between scientists and practitioners from the Western Balkans, Germany and other European countries. The session also provided a forum to discuss future directions of Agricultural Policy Development in the light of latest developments.

2nd Regional Workshop on integrated community development, 22-24 June, 2022, Budapest in organization of...

FAO established an informal regional technical network on community development in 2019. The 2022 workshop should help revitalize the technical network and strengthen partnerships with key regional and national actors.

7th Annual Forum EU Strategy for the Adriatic and Ionian Initiative”, Tirana 16-18 May

The Forum brought together ministers in charge of foreign affairs and European funds, officials of the European Commission, relevant stakeholders and general public to take part in discussing the future of the Strategy and its role in addressing the key issues in our region. The annual event also aims to raise the visibility of the EUSAIR and reflect on the significant progress made in the last year within the Strategy.