Rural Tourism Conference in Cavtat and promotion of the Explore Balkans Brand

This year 5th International Congress of Rural Tourism organized in a period 27-30 April, 2022 in Cavtat, Croatia brought together 400 participants from 15 countries.

Explore Balkan Brand promoted at the Belgrade Tourism Fair 2022

Explore Balkans brand was promoted in the scope of the International Tourism Fair held in a period 24-27 March, 2022 in Belgrade. Promotion of Explore Balkans Brand was organized at the Stand of Tourist Organization Region of Western Serbia on Friday, 25 March.

International Conference “Challenges and perspectives of regional development in the Western Balkans”, March 24...

The main goal of the Conference is to strengthen communication, increase cooperation between the Western Balkan countries/territories, through the sharing of information, experiences and ideas in policies/legislation, as well as practices in this field.

2 nd Balkan Rural Parliament “Reviving of rural Western Balkans – moving towards EU...

Inspired by the national rural parliaments, which have been implemented in Europe for more than a decade, the Balkan Rural Parliament is already taking its place in the policy-making process for rural development of the Western Balkans as one of the basic tools for representing rural communities, through national networks and the Balkan Rural Development Network.

Conference “Next destination Balkan: Agritourism Landscape Development’’, 11-12 February 2021

The conference ’’Next Destination Balkan: Agritourizam Landscape Development’’, which took place in Leskovac, Serbia, provided an opportunity for dissemination of policy recommendations from the work of the relevant SWG Regional Expert Advisory Working Groups, in the context of the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Roundtable on “Is IPARD delivering – what needs to be done better” for the...

In the context of the International Green Week (IGW) and Global Forum for Food and Agriculture (GFFA) in Berlin, Germany, BMEL Federal Minister H.E. Julia Klöckner and EU Commissioner Mr. Janusz Wojciechowski in cooperation with the SWG gathered the Ministers and Heads of Delegations for a short meeting and discussion.