Sunday, September 26, 2021
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Research, innovation and technology transfer in the agro-food sector in the Western Balkan countries,...

The objective of the project is to enhance research, innovation and technology transfer (RITT) in the agri-food sector in the Western Balkan countries/territories as well as facilitate RITT capacities related to green and clean technologies in the context of its contribution to the European Commission’s Green Agenda for the Western Balkans.

Organized School of Agritourism for service providers from Bosnia and Herzegovina

Association for Economic Development REDAH during April organized a school for agritourism/rural tourism supported by SWG in cooperation with GIZ  through the project “Strengthening capacities for supporting rural development in Southeast Europe”. Four workshops/training was organized in 4 different locations in Trebinje, Ravno, Capljina, and Citluk, Bosnia and Herzegovina where participants had the opportunity to visit examples of good practice in rural tourism during the workshops.

Modern City that Keeps its Tradition – City of Loznica, Serbia

In 2020, Tourism Organization of the City of Loznica installed tourist signalization for better visibility of touristic sights in the city which was supported within the Project: “Diversification of economic activities in rural areas of Southeast Europe: value chain investment support and capacity building” implemented by SWG RRD in partnership with GIZ.

Internal Meeting within the Project: Research, innovation and technology transfer in the agro-food sector...

The internal interim meeting for the project “Research, innovation and technology transfer in the agri-food sector in the Western Balkan countries, Phase II” take place on 15 April, as an online meeting. The purpose of the meeting was to present the progress of the respective Regional Expert Advisory Working Group (REAWG) and plan further steps.

The most beautiful Western Balkan photo gets awarded

SWG RRD is organizing a photo contest for the most beautiful photos of Western Balkans. As the award, we take the authors of best photography's for a weekend vacation in some of the rural area in one of Western Balkans countries.

Sinjavina Marathon, Kolasin-Zabljak, Montenegro, 27-28 March, 2021

The Sinjavina Marathon event consists of crossing the Sinjavina Mountain from Gornje Lipovo, Kolašin to Žabljak, Kolašin-Vratlo-Provalija-Žabljak in the length of about 35 km.