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Ongoing Projects Activities

Two-day Training On line sales channels organized in Visegrad, Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and...

The two-day workshop wqs focused on the rural tourism service providers (rural households, degustation centers, eco-villages, rural households, and other providers in rural tourist facilities or for those who intend to be engage in rural tourism) with the aim to build capacity and to improve business in rural area.

Latest updates on the Agricultural Policy Dialogue Germany -South East Europe Project

Agriculture is of great economic and social importance in South East Europe. It is characterized by small-scale structures and heterogenous climatic and geographical conditions, and holds great ecological potential, e.g. in terms of agrobiodiversity. However, climate change and migration pose particular challenges. Agricultural policy management is hampered by insufficient financial and technical capacities.

Implementating Close-to-Nature Forest Management in the Western Balkans

The focus of the Third Interim Meeting of the REAWG on Sustainable Forest Management was on the concept of forest management guidelines and policy document with policy analysis and policy recommendation regarding SFM including biodiversity protection in climate change challenges per country/territory.

Exposure Visit and Agri Food Days Brussels

The objective of the visit was  to familiarize with the Agriculture Outlook of the European Union and to discuss the agriculture policy issues with their colleagues from organizations and institutions from Belgium.

Seventh Conference of the Tourism Organization of the Western Serbia Region is being held...

The Main Theme of the Conference is the value chain in the tourist product, active vacation. Active vacation implies outdoor activities and therefore the involvement of actors of the rural economy in it. The conference attended rural tourism services providers, producers of local products with the aim of integration into this tourist product.

14th Professional Education Seminar of the Agricultural Advisory and Expert Service of the Republic...

This seminar was for the first time of an international character, where representatives of the Republic of Serbia, Republic of Srpska, and Montenegro participated at the event. This event was of educational character accompanied with fair of traditional products.