Ongoing Projects Activities

Agricultural Cluster Stara Hercegovina organizer of the event “Taste and Crafts Fair”

The "Taste and Crafts Fair" provided a platform for small agricultural producers, artisans, and relevant organizations to present their products, share knowledge, and engage with the community. The fair featured various activities, including an ecologically sustainable workshop aimed at educating young participants about environmental preservation.

The 1st Territorial Workshop of the HuMUS Project in North Macedonia

The workshop brought together public and private actors to discuss the challenges and opportunities in soil health management. It featured sessions on the biophysical and socio-economic dimensions of soil challenges, and promote knowledge sharing among the participants.

The First Workshop – Stakeholders Meeting within REVIVE project

SWG representatives presented the idea, objectives and the future activities of the project, the issues and challenges that need to be addressed and the role of the community. The participants accepted the lead of SWG in the dialogue and they engaged in discussion on topics relevant to the project.

The 18th Traditional Manifestation Days of Honey and Medicinal Plants organized in Gorazde, B&H

This year, the fair was held symbolically on May 20 coinciding with the World Bee Day. The two-day event featured not only the exhibition and sale of honey and medicinal plants but also included professional educational sessions.

SWG Summer School on Wine – SEE Advanced Training Course

The program provided a robust educational experience with a mixture of lectures, discussions, and field trips led by esteemed experts from the wine industry.

Innovation in Agriculture and its impact on Local Economic Development organized in Erseka, Albania

The main goal of this activity was to discuss on the transformative realm of agricultural innovation, its effects on the economic landscape, and to foster discussions on advanced farming practices and stimulating the establishment of networks with different stakeholders, with a special emphasis on the distinctive context of Korca.