Ongoing Projects Activities

58th SWG Assembly Session, 3-5 December 2023, Vrdnik, Serbia

The SWG Assembly discussed the actions and measures which should be taken related to Regional Climate Partnership within the Berlin Process. The SWG Assembly elaborate the SWG Operational Pan for 2024 and discuss on the internal topics.

First Interim Meeting of REAWG on the Climate Change Adaptation in Agriculture

The focus of the work of the REAWG on Climate Change Adaptation in Agriculture (CCAA) for 2023 is to develop the analysis of the current situation on the climate change adaptation in agriculture in WB countries/territories. The work is organized through five working groups (socio-economic, livestock, crops, water, soil) with the support from the line ministries and within the coordination of the SWG.

Towards achieving functional and integrated AKIS systems in the Western Balkans

Main topics presented and discussed during the Sixth Meeting of Expert Advisory Working Group on AKIS: were focused on achieving functional and integrated AKIS systems in the Western Balkans, progress in activities for establishment of AKIS according to the Workplan for 2023, and Developing detailed Workplan for 2024.

Twelfth Interim Meeting of the REAWG on Wine, Belgarde, Serbia

The focus of discussion of the 12th Interim meeting of the REAWG on Wine was on economic challenges in grape and wine production in the 2023 vintage and local grapevine varieties, latest EU/OIV regulations and initiatives to join the SWG RRD as an observer in the OIV etc.

Never Enough Knowledge

The project "Never enough knowledge" included a series of lectures in the field of agriculture, animal husbandry and rural tourism. The goal is to improve the production and business of rural women, which will enable their better economic position in the long term.

Finest organic products from the Balkans available at the E-shop

ORGANAUTS – the “Organic Sailors”, is a producing and trading company on a quest to find the finest organic long-shelf products from the Balkans and bring them to European markets.