Thursday, September 28, 2023

Ongoing Projects Activities

HuMUS kick-off meetin in Florence, Italy

HuMUS is the new HORIZON Europe project funded by the European Commission within the framework of The EU Mission ‘A Soil Deal for Europe’ (Soil Mission), which aims to lead the transition to healthy soils via sustainable soil management.

Exposure visit: REAWG on Soil, Germany 27th November – 2nd December

The objective of the visit is to familiarize the REAWG on SOIL with the German model of soil protection, monitoring, activities related to remediation of polluted soil, organizational setup, scientific approach to soil etc. During the visit planning activities for the work of REAWG on soil will be conducted.

Third Interim Meeting of the REAWG on Organic Agriculture in SEE

The aim of the REAWG Meeting on Organic Agriculture is to continue initiated activities to strengthen the agriculture and rural development policy regarding the implementation of the EU Green Agenda for the Western Balkans and alignment with the CAP 2021-2027.

The Third Interim Meeting of the Regional Expert Advisory Working Group on Soil within...

The aim of the Third Interim Meeting of the REAWG on Soil was to present the analysis done for the region in terms of gaps and recommendations on soil management. It was agreed that a significant effort was done and that the prepared documents can contribute further in developing tools for adequate soil management.

First Interim Meeting of the REAWG on Market Standards Fresh Fruits and Vegetables within...

Market standards for fresh fruit and vegetable is one of the topics covered within the Action plan of the Green Agenda for the Western Balkans. First Meeting of the REAWG is organized to discuss outcomes of regional reports and future actions.

Study visits and the REAWG on Organic Agriculture planning session in Wetzlar, Germany

The Study tour for the REAWG on Organic Agriculture was organized and delivered in Germany for 16 representatives of ministries of agriculture and universities/research organizations from the Western Balkan countries and Moldova.