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Ongoing Projects

Horizon 2020 project HuMUS

HuMUS is the new HORIZON Europe project funded by the European Commission within the framework of The EU Mission ‘A Soil Deal for Europe’ (Soil Mission), which aims to lead the transition to healthy soils via sustainable soil management.

The role of youth in agriculture and rural development in the Western Balkans

As an outcome, the study is expected to provide insights into possible solutions for more informed decision-making at the policy level. A critical outcome of the study will be to identify ways and provide policy recommendations to encourage young people to stay in or return to rural areas and support youth to become more visible as agents of change in the agri-food systems as well as enable them and enhance their contribution to rural development in the WB.

Comparative analysis of agricultural sectors and rural areas in the pre- accession countries: Agricultural...

Main aim: To gain more knowledge on the state of development of the agri-food sector in the WB and Turkey as well as on the approximation of agriculture and rural development policies with the CAP, in order to be able to better design the instrument for the application of pre-accession assistance for rural development (IPARD) in each of the pre-accession countries (i.e. WB region and Turkey).

Project “Promotion of Economic Diversification in Rural Areas of South Eastern Europe (SEDRA II)...

The project strives to contribute to balanced socio-economic development of rural areas in the Western Balkans, through efficient regional cooperation and strengthened regional capacities for rural economic diversification and employment.

Project: Support to Economic Diversification in Rural Areas in SEE (SEDRA II)

The project strives to strengthen the regional and national capacities through facilitating theme-specific policy dialogues providing technical expertise on issues related to rural economic diversification in SEE countries in their EU approximation process.

Officially signed the Contract for the new Project “Agricultural Policy Dialogue Germany – Western...

Objectives of the Project “Agricultural Policy Dialogue Germany - Western Balkans”: Strengthen policy framework for agriculture and rural development in the Western Balkans regarding implementation of the EU Green Agenda for the Western Balkans and alignment with the CAP 2021-2027.