People to People

People-to-people (P2P) event/action is a tool for strengthening the networking, cooperation, promotion of the cross-border regions and their cultural, traditional, natural heritage. The event/action is enabling the economic potential, both in terms of products and services, as well as for further development of the cross-border regions. Organization of regional manifestations, events, round table discussions, and trade fairs enabling local stakeholders to present offer from their respective areas and provides an excellent model for creation of sustainable partnership for other open calls in the cross-border regions. This has result in an increased sense of joint identity and networking in the cross-border regions.

Presentation of traditional products from cross-border regions “Drina-Tara” and “Drina-Sava” at the Belgrade Tourism...

International Belgrade Tourism Fair under the slogan "Where you have not been yet" was held for the 38th time at the Belgrade from 18 to 21 February 2016. This year's partner country was Slovenia where 53 countries took part with 1,153 exhibitors that attracted a record number of visitors.

“Days of Pljevlja Cheese”, 23rd October, 2015, Pljevlja, Montenegro

The Regional Rural Development Standing Working Group (SWG) in South-Eastern Europe within the SWG EC project: “Fostering regional cooperation and balanced territorial development of Western Balkan countries in the process towards EU integration” supported the organization of the manifestation “Day of Pljevlja cheese” organized by Secretariat for Economy of Municipality of Pljevlja and NGO “Pljevaljski sir”

“III Regional Honey Fair”, 25-27 September, Loznica, Serbia

“III Regional Honey Fair 2015” has become a traditional event organized by Tourism Organization of City of Loznica in cooperation with partner Association of Beekeepers from Loznica. The manifestation was visited from more than 3.000 visitors and 40 exhibitors which helped of promotion of beekeeping and honey production as an economic sector with high potential in Drina-Sava region.

“Drina Fish Pot 2015”, 20th September, Visegrad, Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina

11th traditional manifestation "Drina Fish Pot" was organized on 20th September in Visegrad on the plateau next to the famous Mehmet pasha Bridge, protected as a UNESCO world heritage site and contributed to the promotion of the touristic image of the Visegrad municipality. This regional event which was organized by the Tourist Organization of Visegrad, brought together participants from municipalities from the Drina river banks from Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as neighboring municipalities from Serbia. It contributed to promotion of historical and cultural heritage, as well as traditional gastronomy offer of the cross border region “Drina-Tara”.

12th August 2015 – Raspberry Day, Recane – Prizren, Kosovo*

The Traditional manifestation "Raspberry Days" was held on 12th of August 2015 in Recane, Kosovo*. During the event more than 30 producers exhibited their raspberry products – fresh raspberries and other soft fruits, jams, juices, etc. Also conference on perspectives of raspberries production in “Sharra” cross-border region was held.

Wine and Cheese Festival 2015, 21-22 August, small square – Chinar Tree, Ohrid, Republic...

The Department of Tourism and Local Economic Development of Municipality of Ohrid in cooperation with Agrinet from Albania are continuing the tradition of organizing the two day festival of wine and cheese. Local producers of wine and cheese operating mainly in the rural areas of the Prespa cross-border region will exhibit their traditional products. This year, for the first time, wineries and tourism stakeholders from the TIkvesh region will participate on the event.