People to People

People-to-people (P2P) event/action is a tool for strengthening the networking, cooperation, promotion of the cross-border regions and their cultural, traditional, natural heritage. The event/action is enabling the economic potential, both in terms of products and services, as well as for further development of the cross-border regions. Organization of regional manifestations, events, round table discussions, and trade fairs enabling local stakeholders to present offer from their respective areas and provides an excellent model for creation of sustainable partnership for other open calls in the cross-border regions. This has result in an increased sense of joint identity and networking in the cross-border regions.

Hajducka vece, 9-10 August, 2014, Municipality of Bogatic, Serbia

The great potentials and the diversity of the cross-border region “Drina-Sava” were promoted during the 46th traditional manifestation "Hajducko vece" in Bogatic - Serbia on 09 - 10th August. SWG supported the direct participation of more than 36 exhibitors on the Fair of ethno food and handcrafts organized by one of Drina-Sava CB region stakeholders, Tourism Organization of Municipality Bogatic, is mapped as good opportunity for presenting achievements of Area Based Development Approach project within the four ABDA cross-border regions.

Report on finished manifestation ”Raspberry Days” 2014, 23 – 24 July, 2014, Recane, Municipality...

The Regional Rural Development Standing Working Group (SWG) in South-Eastern Europe supported the organization of the manifestation ”Raspberry Days” which was organized for the first time together with the NGO – Association of raspberry production and small fruit’s collectors - Agro Red Gold.


In the period from 7th to 12th July 2014 the Drina Regatta Ljubovija was organized. This traditional event has been organized for the 13th time by the Municipality Ljubovija and Tourism Organization Ljubovija.

SWG supported the 2nd “Exhibition of agro-rural products” in Prizren, 20th June 2014, Prizren,...

More than 40 exhibitors and more than 3000 visitors participated at the 2nd ”Exhibition of agro-rural products” organized by the Municipality of Prizren on June 20th 2014. The event is part of the Local Development Strategy of the Municipality.

Successful realization of the 1st traditional event: “Fishing Day 2014”, 13th June 2014, Fierza...

On June 13th 2014, Kukes Regional Council and INCA Network (Nature Protection Network of Albania) successfully organized the 1st manifestation:”Fishing Day 2014”. The event started at Luma Tower (restaurant and exhibition area) at the bank of Fierza Lake in Kukes town.

Mini Fair of products and services from “Drina-Sava” cross border region refreshed Regatta’s participants”,...

Presentation of products and services from "Drina-Sava" cross-border region on a Mini fair was organized on May 3rd in Sremska Mitrovica symbolically marked the end of the 15th International Memorial Lim-Drina-Sava Kayak-Canoe Regatta “Vitomir Dizdarevic – Admiral Kuk”.