People to People

People-to-people (P2P) event/action is a tool for strengthening the networking, cooperation, promotion of the cross-border regions and their cultural, traditional, natural heritage. The event/action is enabling the economic potential, both in terms of products and services, as well as for further development of the cross-border regions. Organization of regional manifestations, events, round table discussions, and trade fairs enabling local stakeholders to present offer from their respective areas and provides an excellent model for creation of sustainable partnership for other open calls in the cross-border regions. This has result in an increased sense of joint identity and networking in the cross-border regions.

12th Plum, Fruit Brandy and Honey Fair, Ugljevik, Republic of Srpska, B&H

This event provided an opportunity for producers from rural areas to exhibit and promote their products. In this way, Agency for support to small and  medium sized companies of teh Municipality of Ugljevik as the organizer of the event encourages producers to increase their production providing support in better placement and visibility of products.

The International Festival of Nature and Cultural Heritage “Zestival”

The International Festival of Nature and Cultural Heritage "Žestival" is an economic and tourist event organized by the City of Užice in cooperation with partners from the public, private and civil sectors with the aim of affirming and promoting cultural heritage, nature, tradition, rural areas, as well as the promotion and placement of authentic and traditional products of the Republic of Serbia and the neighboring Western Balkan countries.

Promoting tourism potential and local produce of Zupa region

This initiative aims to establish a direct connection between local suppliers and the diaspora, fostering collaboration and boosting local economies. Additionally, the event aligns with the goal of promoting regional culture, preserving traditions, and creating an authentic experience for visitors, all while emphasizing sustainability and environmental consciousness.

Village products – homemade is the best

Traditional event gathered forty-eight exhibitors from Teslic and the region presenting their agricultural products, handicrafts and souvenirs which visitors of the fair had the opportunity to buy, but also to find out more information about agricultural production from this area and tourist protentional of the Municipality of Teslic.

Golden Hands of Zlatar

When you visit Nova Varos and Zlatar Mountain you have to try Zlatar cheese, Zlatar kajmak and buckwheat pie traditional specialties from this area. Regional event Golden hands of Zlatar promotes traditional food and artisan products from Zlatar and other parts of Serbia.

Traditional Fair of Rural Creativity

The Fair brought together over forty exhibitors from B&H, Serbia and Croatia contributing to the organization of the Fair. In addition to the exhibition part, the program of the fair was accompanied with traditional folklore dance, presentation of the projects implemented by the Agricultural Cooperative Tarevci and the presentation of the sponsors of this year's International Fair of Rural Creativity.