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Comparative analysis of agricultural sectors and rural areas in the pre- accession countries: Agricultural...

Main aim: To gain more knowledge on the state of development of the agri-food sector in the WB and Turkey as well as on the approximation of agriculture and rural development policies with the CAP, in order to be able to better design the instrument for the application of pre-accession assistance for rural development (IPARD) in each of the pre-accession countries (i.e. WB region and Turkey).

Explore the Rural Beauty of the Western Balkans With Us!

Explore-Balkans is a product of the project “Support to the Inbound Tourism Development in the Western Balkans Cross-Border Rural Areas”, implemented by the Regional Rural Development Standing Working Group in SEE (SWG) and co-financed by the USAID Economic Development, Governance and Enterprise Growth Project and SWG.

Project: Support to the Inbound Tourism Development in the Western Balkans Cross-Border Rural Areas

The project will primarily contribute to the improved market integration and expanded market linkages of firms within targeted value chains: inbound tourism and agriculture and ag processing. It will bring stakeholders together to develop joint products/packages that will combine unique ecotourism, rural tourism, adventure tourism with gastronomic experiences. Through the promotional activities the project will provide links to targeted potential international customers.

Study of best practices and potential of participation of the smallholders in the short...

The purpose of the project is to provide an overview of best practices and analyse the potential of participation of the smallholders in the short value chains in the Western Balkans and Turkey.

Contribution to coordination and implementation of the project inception: “Support to economic diversification of...

The focus of the project is driven towards sustainable economic diversification and community led local development, income generation and job creation in line with the principles of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) and IPARD II. The main output is to strengthen the regional capacities of relevant stakeholders for supporting EU-compliant economic diversification of rural areas in SEE.

Regional cooperation for evidence-based and EU compliant policy development for economic diversification of rural...

The overall objective of the project is to formulate regional recommendations for evidence­ based and EU compliant policy on diversification in rural areas, which would be endorsed by national authorities responsible for implementation in SEE countries.