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Rural Youth and Women

Regional Roundtable “Empowerment of rural women and implementation of SDG indicator 5.a.1 in the...

The main objectives of the event are to discuss the challenges of rural women in the Western Balkans, the challenges of statistical data availability and accuracy in the process of design and implementation of agriculture and rural development policy measures, and to present the developed modules for SDG 5.a.1 implementation in the Western Balkans.

The role of women in agriculture and rural development in the WB

One of the outcome of the Study on the role of women in the rural areas in the Western Balkans will be to identify ways and provide policy recommendations on a national level for each of the WB countries/territories as well as on a regional Western Balkan level for women empowerment in the midst of green recovery leading to the sustainable development of Western Balkan societies.

Progress on National Reports on the Role of Youth in Rural Development in the...

Regional Expert Advisory Working Group (REAWG) on the Role of Youth in the Rural Development in the Western Balkans is organized on June 7 in Banja Koviljaca, Serbia. The aim of the meeting was to present National Reports and to summarize results from the on-line surveys conducted during February-May which will serve for development of Rural Youth Study.

Focus group discussions conducted with rural women from the Western Balkans

Focus group discussions conducted as part of the Study on the role of women in the rural areas in the Western Balkans. They aimed at gaining a deeper understanding of relevant dynamics and current issues rural women face.

Kick-off Meeting of REAWG on the Role of Women in the Rural Development in...

The aim of the activity is to shed light on women's engagement in agriculture and their contribution to rural development in the Western Balkan region, as well as opportunities to use of their potential in the development of circular economy, green, social and environmental entrepreneurship.

The Role of Youth in the Rural Development in the Western Balkans

Massive rural outmigration has been occurring, especially among the rural youth population. In that context, the APF 2022 strongly encourages the creation and implementation of policies that support rural youth to become more visible as agents of change in the agri-food systems as well as enhance their contribution to the sustainability of rural areas and rural development in the WBs.