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Twelfth Interim Meeting of the REAWG on Wine, Belgarde, Serbia

The focus of discussion of the 12th Interim meeting of the REAWG on Wine was on economic challenges in grape and wine production in the 2023 vintage and local grapevine varieties, latest EU/OIV regulations and initiatives to join the SWG RRD as an observer in the OIV etc.

Eleventh Interim meeting of the REAWG on Wine and Exposure Visit in Germany

The main aim of the exposure visit of REAWG members is to be introduced with the wine related aspects and German system of wine producers in particular to production technology and legal demands and presentation of small family business on wine in Germany and empowerment of young generation to stay in the rural areas and open small business such as family wineries.

Regional Cooperation on Legal Harmonization and Market Development in the Wine Sector

Promotion and information campaigns are needed to make the wine sector more attractive for young producers and make consumers aware of wine as part of a healthy Mediterranean diet. The wine sector continues to aim at high-quality wine and access to research, innovation and knowledge will encourage wineries to improve the quality of their grape and wine production.

The Eight Interim Meeting of the REAWG on Wine, 20-23 March, 2023, Mostar, B&H

The focus of discussion was on opportunities for adding value to grapes and wine through the adaptation of sustainable production and marketing practices. The discussion related to the legislative actions on wine and viticulture and future actions per country/territory were elaborated during the meeting.

Sustainable Grape and Wine in the Western Balkans

Raising awareness on the major challenges for integrating sustainable grape and wine production in the Western Balkans, including its linkage with rural tourism, is the first step ahead. Promotion and information campaigns are needed.