Created conditions for registration of organic grains processing and branding


Since 2015 Aleksandar Laketić is producing organic grains: buckwheat, spelt, rye, wheat and grass mixtures. Production is organized on his own registered farm, located in the village of Kosanica, 30 km from Pljevlja to the south, at an altitude of 1200m.

Production takes place at around 5 hectares, controlled by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of Montenegro and certification body ‘Monteorganica” from Podgorica. Laketic is the owner of processing mill, electrical sieve, device for packaging and all products are distributed at the retail market, in cooperation with 10 retail stores in Montenegro and through direct sales. The farm contains a registered apiary with 15 colonies. Aleksandar Laketic is a member NGO “Healthy Grain” and Apiary Unit “Queen Bee” from Pljevlja.

The current production may be considered as traditional. Cereals are produced on the principles of organic farming and processed in the traditional way. The grinding is performed by mill of natural stone with wooden basement which works on the principle of rotation and slow cold milling. This kind of production does not pollute, but keeps a positive impact on the environment. Package material is natural – paper bags.

The project is focused on the creation of conditions for registration of organic cereal processing on Laketic farm. Previously grains where processed in the mill owned by Željko Macanović, partner on the project. The building of 30m2 in size for processing of grains is adapted within the grant project to meet the standards for processing in accordance with the Montenegrin legislation. Registration of processing enable the production process to be finished at the very farm, which reduces costs of processing and created conditions of presenting product to a larger number of customers, especially outside Pljevlja, with the plan to increase production by 50% over the next 3 years.

Digital marketing activities of the Agricultural household Laketic within the project, developed new web site, design of logo and promo movie are focused on finding new customers and improvement of visibility of Laketic farm.