Konak Misic -modern, yet traditional and authentic


Since 2006 Family Mišić started with rural tourism and established rural tourism facility “Konak Mišić. Three generations are now involved in business within agricultural household: owner Predrag Mišić, his wife Gitta Elsenburg-Mišić, their son and daughter, as well as his parents Ljubica and Batan.

Within four hectares, there is 4 guest houses, fields with fruits and vegetables. Household is located within the largest open-air museum in Serbia -Ethno village Trsic. Household has about 1000 overnights annually, providing guests with authentic local food and products.

Family Misic is producing their own food as well as buying products from neighbours such as fresh meat, eggs, vegetables, famous brandy “rakija”. Guests are using services of local restaurants, museums, markets, farms and other households.

All served food is from local area, grown on small farms and guests are able to buy from family Misic or directly from their neighbors’ delicious products like pepper pate (ajvar), rakija, jams, meat or cheese.

Konak Misic is always focused on development of new touristic products. Their innovative approach are key to increasing number of the guests in this rural household. Modern approach to rural development with full emphases on traditional values make this place unique. With their local food prepared and served on traditional way cannot be criticized by even the most demanding guests.

With investing in renovation of three bathrooms and procurement of children playground and hot tub, Konak Misic made step towards inclusive tourism offer and participatory cooperation with other sectors.

Thee activity is part of the Project: Diversification of economic activities in rural areas of Southeast Europe: Value chain development and capacity building” supported by SWG RRD in partnership with and GIZ.