New Degustation Centre in the village Gorjani


Dragana Dumbelovic is the owner of agricultural household with her family in the village of Gorjani, several kilometers away from the City of Uzice, Serbia. Family is engaged in production and processing of fruits and vegetables. Products are offered at the farmers market, fairs or via on-line sale. In the production the whole family is involved, husband Ranko and their children Nikola and Jelena. Everyone in the chain has their responsibilities. In the season of harvesting and processing Dumbelovic family additionally employ from five to seven workers.

Dumbelovic family is producing and processing fruits and vegetables for more than 10 years. Their fruit and vegetable preserve program consists of sixty items. The salty program includes among others paper pate (ajvar), hunter salad and other winter preserves. Sweet program include jams, juices, syrups, compotes.

Within grant investment this household improved on farm sale of traditional products through construction of degustation facility. Since that they cooperate with twenty nearby households from whom they purchase dairy products, meet, dry meet, souvenirs etc their offer is enriched with new rural tourism service.

The investment is supported within the project ”Diversification of economic activities in rural areas of Southeast Europe through value chain development” implemented by SWG in partnership with GIZ.