Reconstructed kitchen to accommodate new guests in Villa Albedo


Just over an hour drive from capitol of Belgrade one can find beautiful “Villa Albedo”, located in the village of Varna in the hilly region of Pocerina. Placed at the hill with a beautiful view of the nearby forest, fields and Guljevica stream, Villa consists of a house including a summer garden, a relaxation zone, a small family ethno museum, working space and a huge yard. In the upper part of the estate is an orchard with hazelnuts and other fruits.

Starting in 2006 Villa Albedo have hosted thousands of guests from all over the world, in variety of different occasions – individual and group visits, family tourism, seminars, lectures, presentations, various celebrations, happenings, art colonies, workshops. For successful work and presentation of the best practices in tourism in Serbia, “Villa Albedo” won “Tourist Flower for 2011”, the highest recognition awarded by the Tourist Organization of Serbia in the category of rural tourism.

The whole architecture of the estate is mostly white, hence the name albedo. Name derived from the Latin word albus which means white. In the language of physics, albedo is a number that shows the amount of reflected light from a body in relation, but in the language of metaphysics, albedo refers to initiation, enlightenment, spiritualization, birth and new life.

Trough project “Diversification of economic activities in rural areas of Southeast Europe: value chain investment support and capacity building” implemented by SWG in partnership with GIZ, owner of Villa Albedo, Milojka Kovacevic invest in equipping of kitchen for the guests. Procurement includes kitchen elements and appliances (oven, hob, refrigerator and aspirator), dining table, wardrobe closet and air-condition unit. This will improve offer and increase food safety in the household.