14th Interim Meeting of the REAWG on Wine in Chisinau, Moldova


The 14th Interim meeting of the REAWG on Wine is being held in the period 17th – 20th June 2024 in Chisinau, Moldova.

The REAWG gathered to discuss legal regulations and main challenges regarding wine declaration and labelling including the QR codes. Furthermore, they reviewed the recent developments on Wine regulations in EU and OIV and the situation of wine production of the 2023 vintage and viticulture in 2024 as well as activities conducted in connection with the imported and planted vineyards of Piwi grapevine varieties and rootstocks in the WBs.

The REAWG members had the opportunity to visit local wineries “Chateau Vartely” and “Circova Winery” in order to be introduced to the history and tradition of sophisticated winemaking technologies, the art of producing a wide diversity of wines and grapevine varieties in Moldova.