SWG Assembly Session organized in Bari and Tricase, Italy


The 57th SWG Assembly Session is being held under the hospitality of CIHEAM IAM Bari Institute in Bari and Tricase in a period 29th August until 1st September 2023.

The focus of discussion is on the progress of the achievements in the period April 2023 – September 2023, discussion and planning of the SWG major features Agricultural Policy Forum 2023 and Annual Meeting of the Ministers from SEE 2023 and discussion on the internal topics. During the Assembly Session the possibilities for cooperation between CIHEAM and SWG as well as the model that all the countries from ex-Yugoslavia (SWG members) could continue their political vision to rejoin CIHEAM was elaborated.

SWG Delegates had a chance to visit Tricase branch of CIHEAM Bari with an overview on the activities carried out by CIHEAM Bari for the sustainable and integrated growth of rural and coastal communities and the Food4Health Community Lab in Tricase.

Programme for the 57th SWG Assembly Session_SWG Delegates