Assessing the governance of soil contamination in Western Balkan, 8th Interim Meeting of the REAWG on Soil Partnership


The 8th Interim Meeting of the REAWG on Soil Partnership, was held on the 20th and 21st of June in Durres, Albania. Ministry representatives and experts in soil science and research during these two days discussed the future steps and defined the activities for the group for 2024.

The topic for the workgroup was the situation with soil pollution in Western Balkan countries and key experts presented the situation and their point of view on the topic. SWG, once again showed its commitment and relevance to the EU integration dialogue and with the help of the European partner UBA, Germany, participants had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the EU Common Agriculture Policy and its relevance to soil health and soil protection.

Within the agenda, the group managed a field visit near the Elbasan Metallurgical Complex. From the overlook from the nearest peak, in first hand they witnessed the consequences of such industries and the impact they have on the environment and soil health.