National Days of Cultural Heritage celebrated in Gjirokastra, Albania


The event was organized on the national days of Cultural Heritage in the Characteristic bazar of Gjirokastra Albania in a period 29th September until 1st October by TID Gjirokastra NGO.

Fifty (50) local, national, and regional businesses participated in the fair, representing mainly the sectors of handicrafts, tourism, food and agricultural products. Also, cultural activities were organized during the evenings significantly increasing the number of visitors and sales. In addition, round table and workshops were organized between artisans, youth and visitors demonstrating how to produce their products and improve their business development.

The 5th edition of the KULT-ART activity aimed at activating artisans and young people interested in learning trades such as woodworking, stone working, and embroidery techniques of folk costumes, etc., with the aim of preserving the heritage and increasing the tourist offer. Also, this  directly influence the development and improvement of businesses in the area

This activity is supported by the project: “Promotion of Economic Diversification of Rural Areas in Southeast Europe (SEDRA II) in SEE- Value chain capacity building on agriculture and rural tourism to streamline rural employment opportunities” implemented in partnership by GIZ and SWG.