Regional Cooperation on Legal Harmonization and Market Development in the Wine Sector


Meeting of the Regional Expert Advisory Working Group (REAWG) on Wine organized in the scope of the Agricultural Policy Forum 2022 (APF 2022) held in Tirana, Albania. The event gathered more than 140 representatives of relevant institutions from 12 countries of the Western Balkans and beyond.

In the past year, the market situation has deteriorated dramatically, with high energy and fertilizer prices having a particularly severe impact on the agricultural sector in general. Therefore, efficient management of energy, reducing the use of fertilizers and pesticides remain important factors for sustainable development. In addition to these challenges the wine sector also copes with a scarce supply of glass bottles and other packaging materials. Further on, it is expected that the demand for wine will decrease.

The APF 2022 confirms that further improving the competitiveness of producers and reduction of the environmental impact of the wineries should continue to be among the highest priorities for the WBs. For example, new fungus resistant grape varieties are available on the market and can help reduce the use of pesticides by up to 80 % in humid climate conditions. Promotion and information campaigns are needed to make the wine sector more attractive for young producers and make consumers aware of wine as part of a healthy Mediterranean diet. The wine sector continues to aim at high-quality wine and access to research, innovation and knowledge will encourage wineries to improve the quality of their grape and wine production. However, if the market situation is to become worse in 2023, specific tailor-made measures might be needed to support small producers in particular.

Presentations from the Working Group on Wine: