Second Interim Meeting of the REAWG on the Role of Women in Rural Development in the Western Balkans


The importance of the status of Rural Women in the Western Balkans is significant focus within the work of SWG RRD. During the Second Interim Meeting of the Regional Expert Advisory Working Group (REAWG) on the Role of Women in Rural Development in the Western Balkans, the initial draft national reports were presented alongside updates on the study assessing women’s role in the sustainable development of rural areas in the Western Balkans.

This study also explores opportunities for leveraging their potential in circular economy, green initiatives, social entrepreneurship, and environmental ventures.

The study is conducted by Regional Rural Development Standing Working Group (SWG RRD) with support from the BMZ through GIZ North Macedonia, BMEL, as well as in cooperation with Balkan Rural Development Network as an associated partner.

Program Second Interim Meeting Rural Women

Albania – Mr. Edvin Zhllima, Focus groups report

Republic of Srpska, BiH – Ms. Milena Ljubicic, Focus groups report

Kosovo* – Ms. Iliriana Miftari, Focus groups report

North Macedonia – AAEM, Focus groups report

Montenegro – Ms. Aleksandra Despotovic, Focus groups report

Albania – Mr. Edvin Zhllima, National Report

Kosovo* – Ms. Iliriana Miftari, National Report

Montenegro – Ms. Aleksandra Despotovic, National Report

Regional outline proposal Emelj Tuna, AAEM

Rural women outline

SWG_Women Survey_MK_ASimonovska

Tom Dufhues, IAMO