Support to the Association “Era” from Uzice


The Citizens’ Association “Era” Uzice, Serbia was founded in 2002 with the goal of preserving and presenting of the Serbian national heritage. During all these years, ERA gathered many players, artists, created numerous choreographies and singing groups. The Association gather 380 members in 3 folklore ensembles of different ages, 7 dance school groups, 2 singing groups and folk orchestra.

Thanks to the research and quality creative work of their members, the association achieved great success in presenting the richness of the Serbian folk tradition in the country and abroad.

Establishment of the International Children’s Folklore Festival “Licider heart”, part of the International CIOFF festival network represents great incentive for their further work in enabling promotion and preservation of different tradition and culture. The main objective of the festival is to contribute to establishment and strengthening of friendly relations among countries and promote cultural cooperation between the youth. In addition, children can acquire multicultural and multinational experience, getting acquainted with the European and World culture, reducing the acceptance of difference, increasing tolerance, establishing new contacts and friendships.

The SWG within the project: “Diversification of economic activities in rural areas of Southeast Europe through value chain development” in partnership with GIZ supported the activity of procurement of traditional Sumadija female and male handmade cloths and garments. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic all the foreseen shows and activities of the association have been cancelled, as a result the ERA association has not been able to collect sufficient funds to renew the traditional cloths and garments for the cultural events and activities they represent.