Sustainable Grape and Wine in the Western Balkans


Regional Expert Advisory Working Group (REAWG) on Wine organized in Vrnjacka Banja, Serbia in the scope of the Agricultural Policy Forum 2021 (APF) entitled Green Agenda for the Western Balkans: Commitments and reality check.

Main outputs from the Forum are summarized in Vrnjacka Banja Agenda 2021

The APF 2021 confirmed that the wine sector shall contribute to achieving general economic and environmental goals. Improving competitiveness and reducing the environmental impact of the wineries should be the highest priority for the WB. Efficient management of energy and natural resources such as soil and water remain key factors for sustainable development.

The wine sector continues to aim at high-quality wine. Furthermore, access to research, innovation and knowledge encourages wineries to improve their grape and wine production. Raising awareness on the major challenges for integrating sustainable grape and wine production in the Western Balkans, including its linkage with rural tourism, is the first step ahead. Promotion and information campaigns are needed.

Presentation from the Working Group Meeting: WG2 Berthold Seitz_Sustainable grape and wine production in Germany