SWG Assembly Session hosted by the CIHEAM IAM Montpellier, France


The 59th SWG Assembly Session is being held under the hospitality of the International Centre for Advanced Mediterranean Agronomic Studies (CIHEAM IAM) Montpellier in France.

The Assembly elaborate on the progress of the achievements in the period December 2023 – April 2024, discussion and planning of the SWG major features Agricultural Policy Forum 2024 and Annual Meetings of the Ministers from SEE 2024 and discussion on the internal topics. During the Assembly Session the possibilities for cooperation between CIHEAM IAMM as well as French Ministry of Agriculture of Food and Sovereignty and SWG members will be elaborated.

SWG Delegates had a chance to visit French National institute of higher education in agricultural sciences “Institute Agro Montpellier” and sheep raising and wine production farm in the vicinity of Montpellier.

1_2024-04-08_SWG Operational Plan 2024

2_Progress of the REAWG on Wine

3_REAWG on AKIS _ April 2024

4_REAWG on Organic Agriculture

5a_Climate change

6_REAWG APM 2024

6a_Agricultural Policy

7_REAWG on Forestry

8_Berlin prozess_20240417_SWG

9_REAWG on Market Standards for Fresh Fruits and Vegetables _ April 2024

10_REAWG SOIL 2024


12_Rural women – 15.04.2024

12a_Presenttaion SDG 5a1 Trainings

13_SEDRA II-2 11.04.2024

13a_SEDRA II overview 59th Assembly

14_Dissemination events _ April 2024

15_Rural youth – 11.04.2024

16_HuMUS 2024

17_REVIVE 2024

18_Major SWG events