Training SEO & Website Content Creation, 30 May – 01 June, 2021, Krusevo, North Macedonia

Training SEO & Website Content Creation for tourism service providers from the Western Balkan countries/territories. Main goals of the training:
  • To learn how to write a good copy that describes their products or destinations;
  • To improve the branding and storytelling of the products marketed;
  • To learn to read website analytics by analysing behaviours, clicks, bounce rate, number of sessions etc.;
  • To learn to create content by SEO rules.
The activity is part of the USAID Economic Development, Governance and Enterprise Growth Project, Support to the Inbound Tourism Development in the Western Balkans Cross-Border Rural Areas. The project is implemented by SWG and co-financed by SWG and USAID’s Economic Development, Governance and Enterprise Growth Project.