The role of youth in agriculture and rural development in the Western Balkans


Project title: Study on the Situation and the Needs of Rural Youth in the Western Balkan Countries/Territories

Overall project objective: The objective of the study is to better understand the challenges and the needs of young rural women and men in the Western Balkan countries and territories. This will include youth’s prospects for decent livelihoods including employment and training opportunities, engagement in agri-food systems, their mobility decisions, their roles as innovators and contribution to rural development as well as fulfilling their aspirations with regards to social inclusion and participation in policy processes. A specific focus will be on gender differences and the often under-used potential of female youth.

As an outcome, the study is expected to provide insights into possible solutions for more informed decision-making at the policy level. A critical outcome of the study will be to identify ways and provide policy recommendations to encourage young people to stay in or return to rural areas and support youth to become more visible as agents of change in the agri-food systems as well as enable them and enhance their contribution to rural development in the WB.

LoA between FAO and SWG signed on 13 Jul 2022, duration until 15 Dec 2023.