Development of National Guidebook on Tourism and online trainings


SWG RRD within the Project: Support to economic diversification of rural areas in Southeast Europe (SEDRA) in partnership with GIZ is realizing activities related to development of National Guidebooks and online training for value chain operators from the Western Balkan countries/territories as follows:

  1. Development of Six (6) Guidebooks on how to register for a rural tourism (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Kosovo* and Serbia). For the development of the guidebooks SWG has engaged national experts who will be responsible for drafting the content and preforming online coaching and trainings sessions to rural stakeholders that are “start-ups” for registering a rural tourism business;
  2. Online trainings and coaching sessions will be organized as follows:
  • Serbia and Montenegro – April 13th 2021
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina – April 15th 2021
  • Albania – April 22nd 2021
  • Macedonia – April 26th 2021
  • Kosovo* – April 27th 2021