Evidence-based policy making event, 2 March 2018, Skopje, Macedonia


The objective of the event is to promote evidence-based policy making in the agricultural sector. It will consist of presentations of 4 studies conducted in the recent period: “Areas with Natural Constraints in SEE: Assessment and Policy Recommendations”, “Natural Resource Management in SEE: Forest, Soil and Water”, “Application of LEADER Approach in the Western Balkan Countries – from a Local Initiative to a Mainstream Concept in the Rural Areas” and “Monitoring of Agricultural Policy Developments in the WB Countries”.  The studies were conducted by Regional Expert Advisory Working Groups (REAWG) within the SWG structure.

The host of the event will be the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Economy (MAFWE) of the Republic of Macedonia. It is expected that the event will gather more than 60 participants from relevant institutions, such as MAFWE, academia, private, public and civil sector.