The Standing Working Group for Regional Rural Development (SWG) in South Eastern Europe in partnership with the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH (GIZ) within the project ”Support to economic diversification of rural areas in Southeast Europe (SEDRA)” is opening the call for proposals within ABD Grant Scheme for the cross-border regions: Prespa”, “Sharra” and “Prokletije-Bjeshket e Nemuna”.

The general objective of the ABD Grant scheme within the SEDRA project is to contribute to the diversification of economic activities in rural areas of SEE, through strengthening of the selected value chains in the specific cross-border regions. In order to achieve the objectives of the Mountain tourism value chain in the cross -border regions of “Prespa”, “Sharra” and “Prokletije-Bjeshket e Nemuna”. it is envisaged to provide support to applicants from the private, civil or public sector who provide tourism or tourism/related services or work on development of mountain tourism in the targeted regions.

The grant will be available in the following countries/territories and municipalities of the cross-border regions “Prespa”, “Sharra”, “Prokletije-Bjeshket e Nemuna“:

Cross-Border region of “Prespa” (countries and municipalties):
Albania: Pogradec, Pustec, Maliq, Korca, Devoll and Kolonje;
North Macedonia: Ohrid and Resen;

Cross-Border region of “Sharra” (countries/territories and municipalities):
Albania: Kukes;
Kosovo*: Dragash, Prizren and Shtrpce;
North Macedonia: Jegunovce and Tearce;

Cross-Border region of “Prokletije-Bjeshket e Nemuna” (countries/territories and municipalities):
Albania: Shkodër , Malësi e Madhe and Tropoje;
Kosovo*: Peja, Decan and Junik;
Montenegro:  Plav, Andrijevica, Berane, Rozaje and Gusinje;

The Concept Note together with the requested documentation should be submitted electronically to the e-mail address: abda@swg-seerural.org.
The deadline for the submission of Concept Notes is 15.10.2019, at 16:00h.
More details about the call can be found in the Guideline for applicants.


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