Support to forty (40) grant applicants from the cross-border regions for diversification of economic activities in rural areas of SEE – SEDRA project


Standing Working Group for Regional Rural Development in South Eastern Europe (SWG) in partnership with the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH (GIZ) within the projects “Diversification of economic activities in rural areas of Southeast Europe through value chain development” and “Diversification of economic activities in rural areas of Southeast Europe: value chain investment support and capacity building” opened three call for proposals in 2019.

The general objective of the ABD Grant scheme is to contribute to the diversification of economic activities in rural areas of SEE, through strengthening of the selected value chains in the specific cross-border regions, also, the grant scheme aims to develop sustainable business models in structurally weak border regions.

Four selected value chains in specific cross-border regions were targeted:

  • Traditional Production and Rural Tourism value chains (Cross border regions: Drina-Tara, Drina-Sava, and Krsh)

Special focus is improvement of the production, processing and marketing of traditional products (which includes agricultural and food products of animal and plant origin, e.g. cereals, vegetables, fruit, meat and meat products, eggs, milk and dairy products, medicinal and herbal plants, etc.), non-wood forest products, culinary traditions and rural tourism.

  • Mountain Tourism value chain (Cross border regions: “Prespa”, “Sharra” and “Prokletije-Bjeshket e Nemuna”)

With aim to achieve the objectives of the Mountain tourism value chain, it is envisaged to provide support to applicants from the private, civil or public sector who provide tourism or tourism/related services or work on development of mountain tourism in the targeted regions.

  • Beekeeping value chain (Cross border region: “Pchinja Krajishte”)

In order to achieve the objectives of Beekeeping Value Chain development in the Pchinja – Krajishte cross-border region it is envisaged to provide financial support for beekeepers’ associations and beekeepers for establishing, extending and diversifying beekeeping production and improving safety and quality standards in beekeeping sector and of the bee products.

Evaluation procedures:

Calls for Proposals were based on restricted – two-step approach. In the first instance, the applicants were submitting Concept Note and other relevant documentation. After the first evaluation was performed – Analysis 1, the pre-selected applicants were invited by SWG Secretariat to submit a complete application package. For the applicants which submitted the complete application package second evaluation – Analysis 2 and ranking was performed, based on the submitted complete application package with all supporting documents.


  • Within the Call for proposals, total 78 concept notes submitted;
  • SWG Secretariat has signed 40 contracts with the potential ABD Grant Scheme beneficiaries;
  • Implementation period is in the course of 2020;
  • Total value of the SWG contribution in grants is up to: EUR 243,301.00;
  • Total planed investment by the beneficiary is up to: EUR 567,215.00;
  • Beneficiaries per country: 16 from Serbia, 7 from Montenegro, 3 from Bosnia and Hercegovina, 2 from Kosovo*, 10 from Macedonia, and 2 from Albania.