Organized School of Agritourism for service providers from Bosnia and Herzegovina


Association for Economic Development REDAH during April organized a school for agritourism/rural tourism supported by SWG in cooperation with GIZ  through the project “Strengthening capacities for supporting rural development in Southeast Europe”.

The purpose of the training is to improve and increase the diversification of agricultural production and the rural economy by using own resources, environmental resources, and trends in tourism, and to provide new or improve existing services in the agritourism / rural tourism sector. The school aims to acquaint current and potential service providers with all aspects and specifics of this activity so that they can make an adequate business decision. Through four one-day workshops, participants were introduced to all aspects related to the launch and/or improvement of services in agritourism and/or other forms of rural tourism.  Four workshops/training was organized in 4 different locations in Trebinje, Ravno, Capljina, and Citluk, Bosnia and Herzegovina where participants had the opportunity to visit examples of good practice in rural tourism during the workshops.

From a total of 20 participants of the school, 11 received certificates of successful completion of school in agritourism.