Results of the Agricultural Policy Dialogue Germany-South East Europe project were presented at the Novi Sad Agricultural Fair


The focus of this year Agricultural Fair in Novi Sad is Green Agriculture emphasizing the importance of sustainable agricultural practices. The fair highlighted the latest achievements in agriculture, agricultural machinery, and livestock, as well as information on sustainable agriculture and green technologies.

The panel discussion at the Stand of the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany presented the latest sustainable practices in agriculture entitled: Regional Agriculture Policy Cooperation – key tool for EU integration Development of Agricultural Policies in the Western Balkans; examples of regional cooperation within the Agricultural Policy Dialogue Germany-South East Europe.

Key speakers of the panel session were:

🟢 SWG Secretary General Mr. Boban Ilić;

🟢 Regional Agricultural Counsellor – German Embassy Mr. Frank Müller ;

🟢 SWG Regional Expert on Organic Agriculture – Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Water Management, Republic of Serbia, Mr. Branislav Raketić ;

🟢 SWG Regional Expert on Impact of Climate Change in Agriculture – University of Skopje Mr. Ordan Chukaliev;

🟢 SWG Expert on Monitoring and Development of Agricultural Policy – Director of Agricultural Stock Exchange Novi-Sad, Mr. Vlado Kovačević.

The Agricultural Policy Dialogue Germany-South East Europe supports the regional cooperation of the Western Balkan countries, the EU accession process and the sustainability transformation of agriculture.