Agricultural knowledge and innovation systems in the Western Balkans


Regional Expert Advisory Working Group on AKIS organized in the scope of the Agricultural Policy Forum (APF) 2021, hybrid event that gathered 150 participants from 13 countries. Besides online presence, it was held in-person too, on October 20th and 21st, in Vrnjacka Banja, Serbia.

The APF 2021 emphasize the importance of fully establishing Agricultural Knowledge and Innovation Systems in the Western Balkans based on national action plans, incorporated and integrated into the national strategies for agriculture and rural development and coordinated at the regional level. Immediate action is needed to strengthen the cooperation and interaction between policymakers, farmer-based organizations, the private sector, education, research and extension services.

The Forum strongly advises the national authorities in the WB to consider the implementation of the proposed IPARD measure “Cooperation for Innovation and Knowledge Transfer”. Agri-food Centers of Innovation and Entrepreneurship should be established, while internet broadband connectivity in rural areas needs to be enhanced to facilitate digitalization.

WG4 Tilman Reinhardt – Agricultural Policy Dialogue Germany – Western Balkans