Explore Prokletije-Bjeshket e Nemuna


Mountain hut “Branko Kotlajic” is placed in the magnificent Grbaja valley at the Prokletije mountains, landscape known for its wildness, cruelty, and unreal beauty. The hut was built back in 1964 as the only provided shelter in this areas for thousands of mountaineers and nature lovers. The owner of the facility Mountaineering club Radnicki from Belgrade decided to renovate roof and wooden parts of the hut.

In the year when Sports Association “Radnicki” celebrated 100 years of existence, the association received support from the SWG and GIZ and finalize plan to transform the old hut into a modern and contemporary mountaineering accommodation unit. Nowadays, during the winter time, hut serves as a basecamp for preparation of the climbers and mountaineers from the region, for alpinists from all around the world, while during the summertime it’s a cozy corner for backpackers, hikers and families.

Work with the kids is organized trough youth section ’’Klinci planinci’’ where children can learn about climbing and nature, all that with lot of fun and joy. This will be main task in the valley of Grbaja for the next several decades.

Come and start exploring Prokletije from this gorgeous place!