Improving conditions for cheese production and rural tourism of Pesic family


The Pesic family has been registered as an agricultural farm since 2008, and since 2003 the family has moved from the center of Bijelo Polje to the village of Tomasevo, Montenegro. It took five years for the family to start in agriculture and to understand the long-term vision, and the real agricultural activity started in 2008, when the family had 3 cows. Today, the Pesic family has 13 members, Vucko, his wife Milijanka, their 8 children, his mother, daughter-in-law, and sister. They have an agricultural farm that manages 5 ha of their own land and rents another 20 ha, a farm with 20 cows and 15 heifers, a small cheese processing plant and a registered food tasting facility as part of their rural tourism activities. None of the 13 family members are employed anywhere else except on the family farm, and agriculture and tourism are the only source of income for all family members.

Within the SEDRA grant investment they established central heating system for cheese plant and degustation center as well as installing isolation to ensure energy efficiency and façade which will contribute to attractiveness of the center as well. This will ensure conditions for year-round operations of degustation center.

Main products from the Rural household Pesic are cow layered cheese, dry sausages, honey, home made brandy.