Replaced roof top on the Hotel Vucje


Touristic complex Vucje is located 20 km from Niksic Municipality, Montenegro. Placed on Krnovo plateau on the elevation of 1300 m, there are available 1.2 km slopes and 2 ski anchors for skiing and snowboarding.

Hotel Vucje is placed in this small ski center and is categorized as a three-star hotel (***) with restaurant and 104 beds in rooms and apartments designed in traditional mountain style. The apartments are equipped with central heating, cable TV, mini bar, internet and are extremely comfortable.

Replacing roof coverage in the restaurant within the grant scheme investment, Hotel Vucje will ensure preservation of natural and traditional way of construction in Montenegrin mountains. The energy efficient is also important segment, there will be saving in heating, as well proper collection of water into the already existing system. Development of values chain in rural tourism is the opportunity to provide better accommodation and food ukusisavucja ratings and on the other hand will attract more visitors to select this hotel as their destination.

The investment is part of the Project: “Diversification of economic activities in rural areas of Southeast Europe through value chain development” implemented by SWG RRD in partnership with GIZ.