Final grant scheme investments realized with SEDRA project


Did you know that almost half of the population of Southeast Europe lives in rural areas?

The majority of them is financially dependent on agriculture and forestry, where percentage of people employed in agriculture in the region is approximately 20% (from 8% in Montenegro to 41.4% in Albania).

The sustainable use of natural resources in rural areas is becoming a must, and SWG RRD is actively taking part in positively affecting the life choices of the rural population in a way that individuals can see a perspective and potential for growth, and invest in sustainable business models.

On this journey, we have realized 35 grant investments in the Western Balkan countries/ territories in 2020 for diversification of economic activities in rural areas of SEE – SEDRA project in partnership with the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH (GIZ).  Diversification measures include the broadening of economic activities, on-farm and off-farm, as well as creating environment for these activities by improving infrastructures and services in rural areas, and by strengthening local governance for endogenous development in rural areas.

Through the SEDRA project grant scheme after final on-spot control we have supported 35 beneficiaries from the Western Balkan countries/territories.

Main accomplishments in 2020:

  • 14 beneficiaries from Serbia, 7 from Montenegro, 3 from Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2 from Kosovo*, 8 from North Macedonia, and 1 from Albania
  • Total value of the SWG contribution in grants: EUR 200,518.00
  • Total investment: EUR 422,282.00

The institutional capacities of selected stakeholders in Southeast Europe are being strengthened, through facilitating policy dialogues and providing technical expertise on EU-compliant economic diversification as a key strategy for rural development.

Let’s support a rural household, a farmer, or a home-made product provider near you to continue their journey towards excellence!