Training PR & Customer Relations, 30 September-1 October, 2021, Kolašin, Montenegro

During the training participants where divided into groups and each group received an assignment with the same content but different goals for the campaign they should create and present. This assignment included their knowledge of the market, to test their media abilities and customer care and to present their engagement in branding of their products.
Main topics:
  • Importance of the visual identity
  • PR & Branding
  • Travelling trends & customer relations
  • Sustainable development – Eco & rural approach to the market
Training Content and Methodology: Learning and discussing the importance of visual identity and its consistency through presenting ways and examples to follow; Testing and improving participants’ communication in-between market & media; Customer relations in theory and practice – comparison. Personal experience as a host and/or as a guest; Presentation on eco & rural SDG; Show-cases from the market.

The activity is part of the USAID Economic Development, Governance and Enterprise Growth Project, Support to the Inbound Tourism Development in the Western Balkans Cross-Border Rural Areas. The project is implemented by SWG and co-financed by SWG and USAID’s Economic Development, Governance and Enterprise Growth Project.

Agenda Training – PR and Customer Relations