Under the guidance of the skilled chef twenty four participants delved into the culinary secrets of traditional Albanian cuisine


Women from rural areas of Albania during culinary training enjoyed preparing traditional recipes, like traditional beef casserole, traditional chicken and pasta (jufka) casserole, pie with onion and tomatoes, and learned “cooking secrets” for the great traditional taste, from the experienced chef of Hotel “Paradise”.

This workshop helped participants to learn more on safety standards, rural offer, and presentation of food in rural facilities. Throughout the 2-days workshop, participants enjoyed and shared their experiences, contacts, and storytelling in rural tourism. This workshop was a wonderful possibility for regional future cooperation.

This activity is supported by the project: “Promotion of Economic Diversification of Rural Areas in Southeast Europe (SEDRA II) in SEE- Value chain capacity building on agriculture and rural tourism to streamline rural employment opportunities” implemented in partnership by GIZ and SWG.