Workshop on “IPARD calls implementation”, 07 – 08 February 2018, Ohrid, Macedonia


The Workshop on “IPARD calls implementation” was organized jointly by the Regional Rural Development Standing Working Group in South Eastern Europe (SWG) in a cooperation with European Commission, DG for Agriculture and Rural Development (AGRI) and supported by GIZ.

It gathered approximately 50 representatives of IPARD operating structures – Managing Authorities and Paying Agencies from Albania, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia, as well as representatives from Kosovo* and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The aim of the workshop was to exchange experiences on challenges encountered, related to issues solved in the respective IPARD I countries and how the IPARD II countries can derive good practices from that for future calls, which the respective countries/territories will launch soon.

 | Size: 652 KB 1.1_Statistics concerning IPARD I calls_Mr. Dick Van Dijk_DG Agri EC  | Size: 129 KB 1_Workshop on IPARD calls implementation_Mr. Dick Van Dijk_DG Agri EC  | Size: 307 KB 2_Stage 1-Preparations of calls and communication with applicants_Ms. Serife Kontogly_PA of Turkey  | Size: 193 KB 3_Stage 1-Preparations of calls and communication with applicants_Mr. Sasa Bukovac_PA of Croatia  | Size: 814 KB 4_Stage 1-Before receiving the applications_Mr. Grigor Gjeci_MA of Albania  | Size: 618 KB 5_Stage 1-Before receiving the applications_Ms. Frida Krifca_PA of Albania  | Size: 582 KB 6_Stage 1-Before receiving the applications_Ms. Biljana Kostovska_MA of Macedonia  | Size: 502 KB 7_Stage 1-Before receiving the applications_Ms. Maja Brajovik_PA of Macedonia  | Size: 416 KB 8_Stage 1-Before receiving applications_Mr. Zoran Janjatovic_MA of Serbia  | Size: 131 KB 9_Stage 1-Before receiving the applications_Mr. Zarko Radat_PA of Serbia  | Size: 587 KB 10_Avoidance of Irregularities and Fraud in IPARD projects_Mr. Peter Baader_DG Agri EC  | Size: 248 KB 11_Key lessons learned on Stage 1_Ms. Frida Krifca  | Size: 214 KB 12_Stage 2-Assessment of applications and contracting_Ms. Serife Kontoglu_PA of Turkey  | Size: 469 KB 13_Stage 2-Assessment of project applications and contracting_Mr. Sasa Bukovac_PA of Croatia  | Size: 624 KB 14_Stage 2-Assessment of project applications and contracting_Ms. Frida Krifca_PA of Albania  | Size: 27 KB 15.1_Stage 2-SME Chart simulation_PA of Macedoonia  | Size: 1 MB 15_Stage 2-Assessment of project applications and contracting_Mr. Vangel Nanevski and Mr. Pance Arsov_PA of Macedonia  | Size: 120 KB 16_Stage 2-Assesment of project applications and contracting_Ms. Rada Milanovic_PA of Serbia  | Size: 141 KB 17_Key lessons learned on Stage 2_Mr. Blagota Radulovic  | Size: 127 KB 2018-02-12_Agenda_WS on IPARD_final  | Size: 1 MB Summary of the WS on IPARD calls implementation _07-08 February 2018, Ohrid_FINAL
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