Workshop on promotion of traditional meat products and exchange of good practices in meat processing sector in Western Balkans


The workshop took place on 16 – 18 October in Jahorina, Bosnia and Herzegovina, as part of the Agricultural Policy Forum 2018

Agricultural Policy Forum (APF) is a two-day event on regional agricultural policy in the Southeast Europe (SEE) organized by the Regional Rural Development Standing Working Group in SEE (SWG), involving relevant regional and international stakeholders, resulting in regional policy recommendations.

One of the activities within APF 2018, “Agricultural Policy: Determinant of the Regional Rural Development and EU Perspectives of the SEE”, organized by SWG in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations of Bosnia and Herzegovina, was a workshop on promotion of traditional meat products and exchange of good practices in the meat processing sector in Western Balkans.

The workshop gathered more than 20 meat sector producers, processors, experts and public sector representatives from the Western Balkans and Italy, as well as representatives of international institutions/organizations, who presented experiences of the meat processing sector from the perspective of producers and policy level experts and elaborated on potentials for improving competitiveness of dried meat products from the Western Balkans in the EU market.

Some of the conclusions and recommendations that came out of the workshop are: the meat production and processing sector, identified as one with high potential for added value, is characterized by small farms/processors with low productivity and high production costs, lack of a strategic value chain approach, lack of communication, coordination and access to information. Effective strategy implementation for livestock development is needed. In order to get quality and competitive product at local/regional market based on traditional knowledge, small farmers/processors should be supported through education, training and funds for start-up investments. Promotion through raising awareness amongst consumers and the retail sector about traditional products, including protection of geographical origin, is needed. IPARD presents a unique opportunity for this sector to invest and modernize.

In addition, mini-fair was organized in the framework of the APF 2018 in which the producers promoted part of their meat products.

The workshop was co-financed by the Central European Initiative and the European Commission, and implemented by SWG in partnership with RDA Zlatibor.

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